Lemon Myrtle Cold Smoked Tomatoes – 150g tub

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A unique artisan product

Tomatoes 85%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 14%, Raw Sugar, Salt, Lemon Myrtle, Mountain Pepper Leaf, Jarrah wood smoked.
No additives / No artificial preservatives

Tasting Notes:
Bee Lane uses Round and Roma tomatoes, depending on availability. Of importance is the quality and ripeness of the tomato which must be consistent to give the richness of flavour with the appropriate amount of salt, sweetness and acidity. Each tomato is handled approximately 8 times and checked again at each of these stages. The tomato is cored and any slight blemish removed and if there is any doubt in the quality the tomato is rejected. It is then cured and cold smoked and finally immersed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This creates the final flavour of the tomato which is perfectly balanced in sweetness and acidity and unsurpassed in depth of flavour. The complex smokiness is accentuated by the olive oil, which concludes in a sweet bold aftertaste.

The use of indigenous ingredients in this product provides a lingering peppery taste that mingles with the extended smoke flavour. 

Tomatoes are seasonal and characteristics will vary accordingly. Store below 4ºC. Extra Virgin Olive Oil solidifies when cold. Bring to room temperature prior to use. Once opened consume within 7 days. May be frozen for up to 12 months.