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It will leave you addicted!

Anna Gare - Celebrity Chef and caterer and Junior Masterchef Australia judge

When I first tasted Bee Lane’s Cold Smoked Tomatoes it was love at first bite. These delicious smoked tomatoes have a wonderful depth of flavour with a lingering lovely smokiness that will leave you addicted. When I first discovered them I became obsessed (as a food maniac does) and I added them to just about everything I cooked: pasta, salsa for fish, antipasto plates, salads, risotto, bread, scones, omelettes... and the list goes on!

It’s so great to see another awesome product locally-produced here in the West and also to have Bee Lane Fine Smoked Foods join our Buy West Eat Best family.


An essential cooks companion!

Don Hancey - Chef & WA Food Ambassador

As a Chef and caterer I have come across a myriad of unique, artisan premium producers from Western Australian.

When I first tasted Bee Lane Cold Smoked Tomatoes it was an instant ‘OMG’ moment. The rich flavours, the light yet full smokiness, the vibrancy and colour of the extra virgin olive oil “infused” with tomato essence makes it an essential cooks companion. Regardless of the time of year, it’s perfect BLT time. It’s Bee Lane Time!

As a Chef, catering for events and needing to keep within budget I look for for premium, tasty products that can really “extend” flavours in dishes… here Bee Lane rocks.

Chopped and mixed into mini quiche or muffins, chopped and stirred through last minute in pasta dishes, added to a breakfast omelette with some fresh chopped parsley allows the richness of flavours to extend through the dishes, meaning you don’t have to use a lot to get the unique flavours to shine through.

 That’s not to say that I don’t mind a good dollop of it on a wedge of brie, diced up with some red onion, parsley and topped on a slice of crusty baguette.

 The Bee Lane tomato smoked infused extra virgin olive oil is “liquid gold”. A couple of drops of this on top of a quickly seared scallop is heaven on a stick. Or how about this... for a perfect summer food try some chilled beef carpaccio with finely chopped tomato and a drizzle of the Bee Lane oil... it’s simply bliss!



Amazing product!

Nicole Cleave – MasterChef Australia Series 6

I have had the privilege of following Bronwyn’s progress with these wonderful boutique artisan products. Every time she tweaked a flavour, texture or method, I — along with the assistance of my family — was lucky enough to ‘taste test’.

Bron’s passion and determination have now resulted in stunning, beautifully crafted products. I adore her Cold Smoked Tomatoes and use them at every opportunity. They are perfect as part of an antipasto plate, complement salads and impart a rich, well-balanced flavour to just about any dish that you would otherwise add dried or semi sun dried tomatoes.


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