Our Flagship Product

Cold Smoked Tomatoes

The tomatoes we meticulously choose have been selected through a process that has determined the best tomato to achieve outstanding results. We only use local Australian products. This is an extraordinary product that celebrates the tomato for all its’ brilliant blush, vitality and versatility. Created over many years of painstaking minute changes and sleepless nights of monitoring, our cold smoked tomatoes have not been replicated to our knowledge although many have tried.

Immersed in a perfectly balanced extra virgin olive oil, our locally grown oil displays clean crisp notes of green olive fruits combined with tomato bush aromas. The oil was chosen for its freshness and ability to complement and enhance the flavour of the final product and is a treat to use as a dipping oil when the tomatoes are finished.

We are committed to using local produce when possible, and so we smoke our tomatoes using sustainable Jarrah woodchips – normally considered waste. Jarrah is a hardwood indigenous to the South West of Western Australia and imparts a flavour that perfectly balances the robust tomato.

Descriptors by devotees include “little jewels of red gold” and “the gift that keeps on giving” which we believe pay appropriate tribute. Providing a taste sensation of smoke and tomato, the flavour is long and rich and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. We thoroughly recommend sourdough and a soft cheese such as Brie or Camembert topped with smoked tomato. The intensity of the flavour may take some getting used to so we recommend using small amounts initially. For those who enjoy full flavoured food, you will never get enough!

Celebrate the tomato and enjoy!