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Bronwyn with John from WA Farm Direct
Bronwyn with John from WA Farm Direct

Bronwyn has been working on developing the product and creating a prototype cold smoker for the last years in preparation for launching the business. She was taught the art of smoking by an artisan smoker in his late 70’s who also helped her with the design of the current smoke room.  Initially, smoking food was a hobby and she thoroughly enjoyed supplying friends and colleagues. It goes without saying that feeding people is steeped in tradition and culture and has always brought people and families together. Feeding people is a very pleasurable thing to do! Bronwyn’s client base increased through word of mouth and as people got to know and love the products she was producing, demand increased. The business idea was implanted and grew with the help of many friends and enthusiasts who have always been in the background to help and advise.

The cold smoked tomatoes originated with an idea and over the last years have been tweaked until arriving at the current recipe. This has involved considerable work including blind tastings to ascertain the most popular taste and many sleepless nights checking the tomatoes and smoke drawer on an hourly basis to note the rate and effectiveness of the smoke.

The name ‘Bee Lane’ was chosen in tribute to Bronwyn’s father who passed away in 2015. He called her ‘Bee’. He would have been very proud to see this business develop.

We supply smoked foods for the individual with discerning tastes as well as the catering, restaurant, and personal chef industries. Quality and flavour are of the utmost importance to us so we use only the finest ingredients – always Australian and local whenever possible. 


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