Spring Vegetable Risotto with Bee Lane Cold Smoked Tomatoes

Spring Vegetable Risotto with Bee Lane Cold Smoked Tomatoes

Serves 4

It’s easy to imagine our cold smoked tomatoes giving a lift to just about any kind of risotto – be it vegan, or the full Monty with butter and cheese!

And given that we’re magpies for a good basic recipe,  we found Donna Hay’s Classic Risotto fitted the bill perfectly as the foundation for our Spring Vegetable Risotto. 

We made the risotto as per instructions; replacing the frozen peas, crème frâiche and watercress with our own flavour combo of lightly sautéed baby zucchinis, asparagus, sugar snap peas, and a final flourish of chopped cold smoked tomatoes – yummy!

To make our version

Add the following vegetable mixture to your favourite risotto recipe, or follow the link for Donna Hay’s Classic risotto.


1 Tb olive oil or butter
4 baby zucchinis, finely sliced
Small bunch thin asparagus, finely sliced
100g sugar snap peas, finely sliced
150g tub Bee Lane cold smoked tomatoes, drained and chopped
(reserve flavoured oil for another time)

To serve
Grated parmesan


  • Make your preferred risotto recipe and when it is nearly ready, heat the oil or butter in a medium frying pan over medium-high heat.
  • Sauté the sliced zucchinis, asparagus and sugar snap peas in the pan until al dente – about 5 minutes.

To serve

  • Stir the sautéed vegetables and chopped cold smoked tomatoes through the cooked risotto, and serve with a dusting of grated parmesan.
  • Serve with extra parmesan at the table.


  • Chopping the cold smoked tomatoes releases more smoke and flavour
  • Save the flavoured oil for a salad dressing (for example our Fremantle sardine or Anna Gare Salad recipe)