John’s Griller Thriller with Bee Lane Cold Smoked Tomatoes

John’s Griller Thriller with Bee Lane Cold Smoked Tomatoes

We love what John has done with the traditional toastie. He has made it an absolute gourmet delight with the addition of our Cold Smoked Tomatoes. Guaranteed to be a winner with the kids as well and is an ideal delicious treat when time is limited. For a twist, try it with one of our other flavours!


1 small sourdough baguette, halved
About 100g of your favourite cheese- I used vintage cheddar
3-4 bacon rashers (streaky) cooked under a grill until crispy (or cooked to your liking)
½ tub Bee Lane Original Cold Smoked Tomatoes


  • Lightly toast 2 slices of bread
  • Brush the toast with the oil from your bee lane tomatoes
  • Place slices of cheese on both pieces of toast
  • Chop ½ tub of the smoked tomatoes (use kitchen scissors, it’s not as messy!)
  • Spoon tomatoes on to your toast
  • Place under grill until cheese starts to melt

To serve

  • Place crispy bacon on top and throw on a few basil leaves. Drizzle with extra Bee Lane oil and season with salt and pepper


  •  This recipe is also delicious using a sandwich press. Simply make a sandwich using all the ingredients and there you have it!