Bush Tucker ‘Babs with Bee Lane Lemon Myrtle Smoked Tomatoes

Bush Tucker ‘Babs with Bee Lane Lemon Myrtle Smoked Tomatoes

“Our Lemon Myrtle & Mountain Pepperleaf cold smoked tomatoes celebrate quintessentially Australian ingredients, providing a burst of lemon myrtle flavour and concluding with a long peppery feel that complements the extended smoke.”

Kangaroo meat is a no-brainer as a partner for this deliciously flavoured new product! Just make kebabs as you would normally, and serve topped with roughly chopped Lemon Myrtle & Mountain Pepperleaf smoked tomatoes (see below for cooking notes).

 We also served our kebabs with rainbow slaw and wraps. 


  • Kangaroo meat is very lean, and is best cooked medium rare and given a good rest before serving. Grill or barbecue kebabs on high heat for 3-4 minutes each side, and then set aside to rest for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • Bring the smoked tomatoes to room temperature before serving to get maximum flavour impact.
  • Roughly chopping the smoked tomatoes brings out even more of the smoky flavour (incorporate the flavoured oil in the tub when chopping).
  • If you’re not keen on kangaroo (or it’s hard to find), substitute beef or lamb.
  • Vegetarian alternative – and if you’re just not keen on eating meat, try our new flavoured smoked tomatoes with your favourite vegetable kebabs 

Gluten free