Bee Lane Garlic Herb Cold Smoked Tomato Butter

Bee Lane Garlic Herb Cold Smoked Tomato Butter

Gluten-Free / Vegetarian

A subtly smoky twist to traditional herb and garlic butter, delicious in garlic bread, on steak, grilled sweet corn... the only limit is your imagination!


250g butter, softened
½ bunch chives, finely chopped
½ bunch parsley, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, peeled & crushed
50g Bee Lane cold smoked tomatoes, drained and finely chopped (more if you feel like it)


  • Mix the softened butter with the chives, parsley, garlic and chopped tomatoes.
  • Divide the mixture into two.
  • Lay some cling film out on your bench and place the first measure of butter in the centre. 
  • Shape into a log and roll up in the cling film.
  • Repeat with the other half of the butter. Chill well until firm.

Notes: Store in refrigerator and consume within 3 days or freeze for up to 3 months.